My next exhibition

May be in 2014

My exhibitions 2007 - 2012

2012 (27. September - 25 October) „Depaitings“ @ Galerie Le Sud in Zurich/Wollishofen (

2012 (20. April – 27. June) „Distance & Perception“ @ wood factory in Zurich (

2011/12 (20. Décembre – 8 Janvier) Kunstszene Zurich (

2009 (Mars) Studio 47, Zürich

2007 (Mars) Studio 47, Zürich

2006/07 (20. Décembre – 6 Janvier) Kunstszene Zurich (

2007 (Février) Studio 47, Zürich


Galerie Le Sud in 2012

„Depaitings“ @ Galerie Le Sud in Zurich/Wollishofen (

Vernissage: September 27, 6-9 p.m.

Finissage: October 25, 6-8 p.m.

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Opening time: September 27 - October 25 2012.

Drawings by JULIANNE LANDRY ART (2011)

JULIANS by JULIANNE LANDRY ART (2011) - Invitation to the Vernissage September 27

Julianne Landry

I have always been fascinated by beauty and aesthetic. I was born in the Caribbean. I was born a twin. I was raised in Paris. I studied languages and literature. I travelled through the Americas, Asia and Europe. I like seeing different landscapes from the train. I worked for a famous brand in New York. I have lived in Frankfurt. I speak French, English and German.

In 2001 I finally settled down in the lovely town of Zurich. I adore the early morning hours by the Lake. I like to hang out with my friends. I started to paint and draw in 2003. I graphic design, I paint and I photograph. I believe my Artwork is the reflection of my soul. To me, each work piece is a love affair. I am glad to share with you a selection of my universe. Look closer, look again, see and discover the invisible. With the light of my Heart. I am Julianne Landry. Welcome to my visual universe.

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